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We are something different


Something Different is a brand based around the idea that our abstractions and individuality allow each of us to bring something entirely new to the world. Something Different that what has already been seen. A simple concept, yet something many of us fall short of understanding. The goal of Something Different is to create a content centric community that provides a platform for creating and inspiring new and unique forms of art & expression. We currently have an online “Stories” section where artists can submit their work to be featured on our website, and “Film & Fashion” Vol. 02  out now!


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Art is considered as the food of the soul, and Something Different was founded to sustain this vision by hosting a platform where abstraction is recognized and appreciated. The art community is consistently shifting to generate innovative content that transcends all barriers of creativity to establish a league of their own.

Something Different’s artist community incorporates the work of some of the best minds on the planet who are dedicated to creating abstract forms of art that are bound to make a difference. Considering the plethora of art forms that we have today, abstract art tends to be neglected the most as only a dedicated audience finds it appealing.

This is where Something Different’s approach distinguishes itself from its competition as SD’s gallery houses some of the most exquisite photographs that you can come across. SD harnesses the potential of raw, unfiltered content, so whether its conceptual bodyscaping or an intriguing narrative, it will surely take your breath away!

We at Something Different believe that art comes from within and by no means is it limited to any extent so we don’t just welcome photographs, but we also cater to a diverse range of mediums whether you are a film photographer, writer, illustrator or a composer, we have just the opportunity that you have been waiting for to expose your creation to an extensive audience.

Our belief in the expression of individuality is the force that fuels our evergrowing passion for showcasing art that is enriched with the crucial feedback from our audience that empowers the creators to get well-acquainted with the highs and lows of their crafting acumen.

Our prominent reach among the artist community not only makes featuring your work easier, but you get instant worth appreciation from like-minded individuals who are involved just as much as you are. This not only encourages a mutual sense of benefit but also promotes a sense of accomplishment.

Something Different’s online Story Submission feature enables you to submit your work on the go by just answering a few concerns, adding a short description that elaborates the purpose and context of your work, and once we receive it, we ensure to process it as soon as possible to help your work reach the audience that it rightfully deserves.


We strive for excellence in everything that we do, and that includes upholding the art of passionate individuals who have the flare to create artworks that need endorsements as we do not prefer art to be undermined or underrated regardless of the circumstances.

Our magazine is available for sale now that constitutes works of art that have rarely been in the limelight, this not only makes room for new content but also creates opportunities for better representation of art as market saturation means heightened competition and therefore, you would have wider prospects to explore in terms of quantity and quality.