Finding Home

I feel like this was at a time in my life where I was really trying to figure out exactly what I wanted from where I was. I was in San Diego at the time and it wasn't necessarily where I wanted to be, but it was closer. I was living with family sharing a bed with my eight year old cousin and commuting to LA whenever I could, and around that time I was having a lot of doubts. I moved to LA a few months later, and still am trying to figure out what I want from here, but I think there's something every place you go gives you, and San Diego was a beginning point for me and I'm very thankful for that

Photographer: Jack Rogers

Model: Brittany Hoffner


We are living in an age of dulled sense. Constantly bombarded with images on screens and the hub of never-ending information and we are beginning to forget how to feel. As humans, we are not logic based being, we make decision primarily off emotion. Try ditching your left-brain for now and explore an entire new dimension of your spirit and senses. 

With food, comes happiness. With music, comes playfulness. With life, comes hopefulness.

Photographer: Harold Lau 

Model: Ocean Navarro 

Makeup: Ibi Molnar 

Stylist: Shannon Chan 

Creative Director: Shannon Chan


All That We Can Be

Shadows in the depths of our being are where our purest beauty resides.  Finding your artistry can be a rigid journey but once you find yourself you’ll glow in your every move. Being an artist isn’t being anything more than you. Allowing inspirations to control the root of your being. Standing solid in your choices and believing deeply in the reasons why they were made, living for truth. That’s ultimately what makes up art, a moment of truth. Art grows from a moment foreseen by an artist.  Anyone telling you they can make you an artist can be found a liar, for only you can make yourself an artist.  Although they can lead you to a happening or understanding of that magical place within yourself, the only person capable of creating your art is you. Only you know how you feel. You will get discouraged. You will feel mistreated. You will lose touch with reality. Most importantly, you will get there if you trust yourself.  A farmer never loses his harvest if he protects his crop.  The same goes here, an artist never loses the art they’ve created. Once art leaves the soul of being, it lives on forever. Most never allow their soul to speak in fear of what others may think.  WHY DO YOU CARE?! Plant a garden, water it, nurture it, and share the produce with all that you can. That’s what life is about isn’t it?  Sharing with those you love? Let these be parting words… He, who is free of heart & soul, shall help paint the color gold, gold. Signs of a free man are the expressions he shares with others, open, raw, and true, are all he gives to you, an artist.


- Shane Kirby

Model: Jack Rogers

Photographer: Shane Kirby

Roving Mars

This set was a daylong shoot done out at Little Sahara sand dunes in Southern Utah with my talented friend, Alyssa Torres.  Alyssa reached out wanting to do a quick trip down to the dunes to shoot and adventure, and I was more than happy to help model and do a bit of exploring of my own.  During the hour and a half drive there, we talked a lot about the work we do and why, as well as what we were hoping to accomplish with the day ahead.  We loosely planned on shooting a sandy nude set with both digital and Polaroid images.

Keeping a loose concept is something I personally find really important in my modeling because it leaves the shoot open to ideas and experimenting.  It gives both parties enough room to make some mistakes, make some magic, and grow in the process.  It’s a fun and exciting (as if running around naked in the desert isn’t exciting enough) way to push each other artistically.  I wanted to shoot the set naked because that’s the state I feel most free and comfortable in, and I knew that Alyssa being the wonderful human she is, would help provide a safe space to make that happen.

Shooting the Polaroids was important to both of us because the confines of social media can be quite suffocating at times for our lines of work.  A lot of popular social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram not only frown upon posting uncensored content celebrating the female body-- showing a female’s breast in any manner is actually against their policies, meaning that our work as artists is constantly at risk on there.

It’s the tragedy of art living in the digital age.

And while tangible art seems to be becoming more and more outdated, the feeling of actually holding a commemorative piece of time together was really something else.  The Polaroids helped keep an authentic feel in what we were doing, and it was fun watching them slowly develop.  One of a kind pieces of us that were ours to share.

Model: Demi Peterson

Photographer: Alyssa Torres

Peony Flowered Poppies

The concept/idea behind this photo session was that there was no concept/idea, Natasha and I are familiar enough with each other that we know how to co-create together. I had shot a roll of film in my garden to use for double exposures for another shoot but last minute decided to re-shoot the roll with Natasha in an abandoned restaurant I found. I also took us to an abandoned house that had been damaged due to fire and used the peony poppies as a prop for some portraits. It always proves difficult for me to explain my process to someone, I feel I can't exactly get across the message of what I am trying to convey or that it may come off the wrong way..which is why I enjoy photography so much is that I don't need to talk so much and I can just let the photo speak for itself. I could just tell you about myself, but I don't think that's so interesting either. Life is weird in that way, most of what my brain tells me is a lie and most things I try to think my way through never ending up turning out the way I see them in my head. The insecurities of feeling like I am not communicating the right message most often than not prevents me from doing more than what I do be honest, I haven't been shooting as much as when I started photography but when I do shoot I try to make it count. All of this verbal vomit is just a means of trying to let you know who I am, but who am I but just an image of what you create in your head by reading these words..Film has been of a bit of a meditative process in some slowed me down, given me time to interact with the person i am working with and get to know them more. I develop and scan all my own film but thats all i try to do on my own, when it comes to the photos themselves I prefer a balance of both energies working simultaneously to create something genuinely authentic and natural and central to who I am photographing and myself.

Photographer: Matt Kelly

Model: Natasha Phoenix King