When We're Together

I took an adorable candid photo of these two in embrace at a local instameet and after the meet, I posted the photo on Instagram and got a message from Davina about getting together and doing a whole shoot with them as a couple. After hashing out a time and date we met up at their friends house to hang and shoot. Davina and Faith are super into each other which made all the shots amazing because it was so natural. They're both incredibly beautiful and so fun to hang with. We had a fucking blast making photos and laughing the evening away. Their love is amazing and is so infectious. I shot all these on a Minolta xg-1 with a 50mm f/1.4 Lens with a roll of kodak portra 400 and a roll of Fujifilm Superia xtra400.

Zach hagy

I am an independent multifaceted Detroit artist. Although photography is my primary craft, I also have a love and interest in directing, visual design, and fabrication. My side project/brand called "Something Different Magazine" where we have an online publication and 3 printed magazines. I enjoy the outdoors and smiling with my friends on the days where we are kissed by the sun!