War Twins Tour

“We are War Twins. For the last five years we lived as punk rock pirates in a van and toured the US. This is the American Kids tour, a two month journey across the US to promote our new album produced by Sylvia Massy, the queen of unhinged audio. Welcome to art rock grunge pop. “


Life on the road is exhilarating , inspiring, raw, and exhausting. Much like the rock n’ roll lifestyle itself, the road is a doorway to mesmerizing and unparalleled imagery. Each day is a new city and a new opportunity to capture powerful messages through visual moments. Whether it’s the natural beauty of the southwest desert or a single moment of hotel recklessness, each photo is a memory that is not to be forgotten. In this segment, we’ll be updating you about our experiences, findings, and perceptions that are generated throughout this subversion-fueled journey across America. -Z

Santa Fe NM, Houston TX, and Desert Center, Cal

Photographer: Zakk Conner

Artist: War Twins

Zach hagy

I am an independent multifaceted Detroit artist. Although photography is my primary craft, I also have a love and interest in directing, visual design, and fabrication. My side project/brand called "Something Different Magazine" where we have an online publication and 3 printed magazines. I enjoy the outdoors and smiling with my friends on the days where we are kissed by the sun!