I don’t want perfect and pretty,

I want rough and raw, 

something real.


we are delicate. 

but we are wrapped up and chained to an idea that does not really exist. 


we endlessly search for ways to break through the chains before the chains break us.

but the wheel of life does not stop turning.


sometimes the chains get so tight you find yourself gasping for air.

so breathe in and be still.

separate yourself from all you have known to be real, 

from what you have been told. 


you may be broken down, 

but the rebirth is worth it all. 

and once you realize that you control the strength of the chains, 

you may be freed from it all.

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Lindsey Gins

Zach hagy

I am an independent multifaceted Detroit artist. Although photography is my primary craft, I also have a love and interest in directing, visual design, and fabrication. My side project/brand called "Something Different Magazine" where we have an online publication and 3 printed magazines. I enjoy the outdoors and smiling with my friends on the days where we are kissed by the sun!