I've always been intrigued by the idea of what goes on behind closed doors in hotels. Geraldine and I met at this boutique hotel in Downtown Toronto and worked on what a model might be doing on her day off.

Photographer/ Creative Director: Matthew Lopez
Model/ Stylist: Geraldine Julia
Corset- Bone and Busk
White Blazer- Vero Moda

Location: Toronto, Canada

I want to know why



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Keep the light on

Keep_the_light_on is an exploration of my personal appreciation of the human form. The name stems from my love of contrast and the use of shadows and light to draw out certain aspects and features unique to everyone/every body. It's a shame that the nude body is sexualized the way it is, but if you look at it... its just as much a beautiful landscape like the next valley, mountain range, or anything you find out in the world. 

The reason for focusing on bodyscapes is because to me, its a more contained conceptual idea, bridging some elements of sensuality from budoir but not as epic, philosophical or thought provoking like a lot of nude art. 

Essentially, at the end of the day I just want to lessen the stigma and taboo of nudity and also show people that no one is perfect. Every freckle, stretch mark, scar, roll, etc is a beautiful and a unique "texture" in the overall picture.

Photographer: Andre Scheidt


David Rodríguez is a Spanish photographer. “Dive” (2019) is formed by a series of photographs of minimalist character, in which the simple compositions stand out. The swimmers show sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. Water has always been a source of inspiration for David Rodríguez.

The Canary Islands based artist describes the new project as ¨inspired by the work of Horst P. Horst¨ and represents on a summer day in which we can see two bathers enjoying the sun near the sea.

I like to photograph people, I feel very comfortable doing portraits, but I always try to go a little further. That is the reason why I try to look for risky compositions, with a touch of surrealism. Works like those of Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld or Guy Bourdin inspire me immensely.

Each person inspires me a different sensation, so before I do the shooting, I imagine how I would like to portray him or her. Then, I create a concept and imagine a story. I do not like to get attached to reality. Instead, I like to transform it, challenging the model with unusual situations. I play with the model, making each session a culture encounter, but also an enriching and surprising experience for both of us.

Photographer: David Rodríguez

Male Model: Miguel García

Female Model: Virginia Díaz

Make up artist: Virginia Díaz

Wardrobe: Vintage



but not gone nor found\


but not dead nor breathing\


but not proud nor scared\


failure with hope.




Photographer: Zach Hagy
Model: Lindsey Gins



The absence space in our minds fill our worry heart.

The feeling when you move into a new dwelling place,

floors hollow and walls are are blank waiting for the canvas to be painted.

Our desolate hearts crying to be repaired, minds pulverized, waiting to catch a break.

Not knowing what to do, we make any excuse to fill our time.

A moment to feel alive, together, just for a moment.

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Sarah Jolz


I don’t want perfect and pretty,

I want rough and raw, 

something real.


we are delicate. 

but we are wrapped up and chained to an idea that does not really exist. 


we endlessly search for ways to break through the chains before the chains break us.

but the wheel of life does not stop turning.


sometimes the chains get so tight you find yourself gasping for air.

so breathe in and be still.

separate yourself from all you have known to be real, 

from what you have been told. 


you may be broken down, 

but the rebirth is worth it all. 

and once you realize that you control the strength of the chains, 

you may be freed from it all.

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Lindsey Gins

War Twins Tour

“We are War Twins. For the last five years we lived as punk rock pirates in a van and toured the US. This is the American Kids tour, a two month journey across the US to promote our new album produced by Sylvia Massy, the queen of unhinged audio. Welcome to art rock grunge pop. “


Life on the road is exhilarating , inspiring, raw, and exhausting. Much like the rock n’ roll lifestyle itself, the road is a doorway to mesmerizing and unparalleled imagery. Each day is a new city and a new opportunity to capture powerful messages through visual moments. Whether it’s the natural beauty of the southwest desert or a single moment of hotel recklessness, each photo is a memory that is not to be forgotten. In this segment, we’ll be updating you about our experiences, findings, and perceptions that are generated throughout this subversion-fueled journey across America. -Z

Santa Fe NM, Houston TX, and Desert Center, Cal

Photographer: Zakk Conner

Artist: War Twins


Floating On Water had always been a form of relaxation for me. I always felt at peace and as if I was floating above the world itself. I had always wanted to recreate the idea of floating on water through a photo shoot but add a twist. I thought a model in a swimming pool sounded really unflattering but ironically one summer day at a party I had seen a pair of ballons floating above a pool and the idea blossomed from that sight. I had held on to the idea for some time untill I felt I was ready. Months had past and after numerous photoshoots, this concept was finally ready to come to life. I grabbed my go to model, and we went to work. The end result , Floating on Water.

Photographer: Cristian Diaz

Model: Eliza Verderber

I only Dance in 8in Heels

Somewhere between night and day we land in this Detroit high rise apartment, pole in the middle of the room. Somewhere between playful and playboy we decide ‘Why go nude when you can have hearts for nipples? And somewhere, through the art of the dance we learn, that the 7 inch heal is practically a flat, and one should only dance in 8 in heels

Photographer: Miles Marie

Model: Maddy Frechette 

Lighting: Justin Erion

Customer Relations

A photo series that depicts the effects brands may have on their customers. The set is meant to encourage thought and discussion, no formal explanations of each piece exist because with today's media each person has some sense of familiarity from product advertising/branding they can draw from to interpret what is being displayed.

Photographer: Jon Pagan

Valentine's Day

Escapists tend to focus on one thing that takes up their entire world, whether it’s love, money, status, alcohol, or even travel. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. The point is to avoid living in reality and weathering the ups and downs of everyday life. The point is to have a goal and keep pushing for that goal. “This will fix everything,” you say. “This is the answer to all of my prayers.”

— Heather Havrilesky,

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Sarah Jolz

Lingerie: Wolfsbane