Taylor Jarvis

Taylor Jarvis photographer

SD: Are you from Charleston?

Taylor: I am from a small town north of Atlanta called “Rome.”

SD: How did you get into photography?

Taylor: In high school, my parents surprised me for Christmas with a Nikon camera. I just started shooting my friends and landscapes. I took a break and saved up for a camera. They gave me my first camera and that was the beginning point for me. 

SD: How long have you been a photographer?

Taylor: Unofficially for eight years, and officially for four years since September.  

I studied music in college and I am a full time musician for a wedding band. Music pays the bills, so with photography it’s more of an outlet and I can pick and choose what I want to do with it– It stays a little more sacred for that reason.

DSC_0523 copy.jpg
AMY EDITS-fashionfinal4-0005.jpg

SD: How would you describe your style?

Taylor: Moody, conceptual, editorial, and narrative. 

SD: Does your style have any reflection on where you are based culturally and demographically?

Taylor: No, not at all. I try to be the exact opposite of the style that surrounds me. I love LA and New York, and European fashion. Music has really influenced my style as well. What I listen to translates to what I get inspired by. I get inspired by other places and cultures, and I bring it to my local community. 

SD: What’s your favorite thing to shoot?

Taylor: I would say editorial. I love the fashion aspect involved in it, as well as meeting new people. I love hearing different stories from the models. A lot of my post-production is how they inspired me and how I interpret them. 

We absolutely love Taylor’s work and believe she does an amazing job through post-production storytelling. One of the most important things in the arts is to create pieces that move and tell stories.
— Something Different

SD: How would you describe yourself?

Taylor: Minimal and eclectic.

SD: How did you begin to shoot for these big brands? What got the ball rolling with that?

Taylor: The process has been an interesting time. Social media is a beautiful tool for brands to see you. I have been contacted by certain brands literally just by hashtags or word of mouth. I have also reached out to brands asking to work with them, and explaining that I would love to add it to my portfolio. You don’t have to have some special criteria to meet and contact people. I emailed designers at New York Fashion and told them who I was and showed them my work! It isn’t a super complicated process, you just need to try it! I have had plenty of “no’s,” but you just have to keep persevering. 

SD: How has art influenced you?

Taylor: Art for me, impacts my life every single day. I see it and I use it, and It has changed my life. Art has always impacted me.

CHRIS IN VENICE-ChrisMotleyFinal-0003.jpg

SD: Is there ever a fear of the ‘not knowing’ and never having consistency?

Taylor: Absolutely, I always try to think ahead and have a plan and goal in mind. I am currently unrepresented, I do not have an agency. I would love to be a part of an agency or magazine that I could work with. There is always the fear of the unknown. I would love to do this forever, but you never know!

SD: What has been your biggest struggle as an artist?

Taylor: The location I am at really limits me. Being in Charleston is great, but I often have to travel a lot to make money and shoot unique things. I have learned to know that work comes and goes. Sometimes I am super busy and it’s great, and then I don’t have work for a week– but that is something I have grown to learn and expect. 


SD: What motivates and inspires you?

Taylor: A lot of outfits in art, a couple of artists especially inspire me. Music and people’s stories inspire me. One big artist, Tim Walker, has always inspired me. His shoots are super abstract and bizarre which I love. 

SD: Dogs or cats?

Taylor: Dogs!

DSC_1914 copy.jpg

SD: What advice would you give to an upcoming artist?

Taylor: Hone in on your style, don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone, and keep pushing yourself with an open mind.

Artist: Taylor Jarvis

Models: Amy Roiland Chris Motley Treshawn Ford Janelle Starrett Karen Briggs Updyke Deion Smith Jessica Phoebe Christy Soeder trippitrvccicompany Caroline Harris

Free Film USA

Worthless studios has a mission to provide space, materials, technical assistance and resources for aspiring artists of all backgrounds to realize their artistic visions. Founded in 2016 by Neil Hamamoto, and incorporated as a nonprofit in 2019, worthless studios was conceived as a not-for-profit platform committed to knowledge exchange, manufacturing, and public art. With the purpose (or intention) of serving the art community rather than being driven by profit. In just two years, the studio has begun to showcase work from new artists in a number of different mediums including sculpture, painting, photography and performance.

Worthless studios is a place where aspiring artists come to learn concrete production skills. In addition to studio space, emerging artists need access to equipment and facilities like woodworking and metalworking tools, laser cutters, 3D printers and darkroom facilities. However, these spaces usually charge hefty rental and fabrication fees. Therefore, it can be extremely expensive for an average local resident to make an artistic vision a reality. At worthless studios, we provide an affordable alternative to artists in our area to realize those creative dreams.


SD: How did Free Film begin?

NH: The original idea came back in October of 2018. It came from my effort to do a public art project being produced under my studio’s name, worthless studios, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit profit organization for artists to share tools, space, and resources. A friend of mine called me with an opening in his space on Canal Street. They asked us to do an install for the space so the three of us came together and decided to center the project around photography and old school darkroom processes. We gave away 100 rolls on Canal Street in less than 10 hours and ended up getting 85 rolls back. A jury made a selection of 100 photographs which were then printed and exhibited for the public to enjoy. We did all the printing ourselves in the darkroom space we built for the project. That’s really how it started, and in taking the positive feedback we got from Canal street and tying it into our personal desires to do a cross-country road trip, the idea for FREE FILM : USA was born.


SD: What is your goal for this project?

NH: A personal goal is to see a lot of the country. There is a lot out there and I believe as a young artist it’s important to learn about your country, see new places, and meet new people! Down the line these experiences will be sources of inspiration that will help us create. My inspiration comes from personal experiences and that’s what I’m out here doing.

SD: Do you have a number of rolls per stop?

FT: Our budget is 100 rolls per city based on population size, so we will give a little and take a little depending on the city size. 

FT: The essence of what the project is, is very tied in with seeing the country. The people you give a roll to will capture life, areas, cities, and towns that we are in. But when a roll is developed, we get to see what the community captured and say “wow this is right here?” We get the sense of traveling and touring with local artists – so all the artists we meet are on this journey with us.

SD: How are you guys feeling? This is stop one and you have three months to go?

SJ: I feel like the reality sets in when you look at how deep your bag is. Trying to figure out where your jackets for winter will go. Stop one will be one of the most difficult to progress through. We’re still working out the kinks and trying to find our rhythm in the workflow. Now that we’ve starter though we are now on a deadline and timeline so we are just in motion at this point, rolling with the punches.

SD: As a business where do you want this to go?

NH: If you boil it down to a physical product we want to land a publishing deal for a beautiful photo book and produce a short documentary. These would both be huge opportunities for worthless studios, a great way to get our name out there a bit more and a new example of what young conceptual artists can do these days.

SD: FREE FILM : USA, It almost sounds like you guys are anticipating to take this elsewhere, are you?

NH: Possibly, We are hoping to get great feedback and support to where maybe a team in a different country gets inspired and would like to do the same thing in their country.


SD: What has been the most difficult thing to overcome?

FT: Building this Airstream out in 4 months was its own entire full time task in itself. We gutted and built every piece custom with new plumbing and electric and even a solar panel system that lets us power the darkroom when we are out on the open road.

SD: Why film?

NH: It all comes back to the studio space and the darkroom and working with Sean. Film photography has been a medium I’ve enjoyed my whole life and has always been closely linked to my personal life and travel. But as much as I’ve shot and learned about the darkroom I’m certainly no pro and it’s that imperfection that I’m trying to encapsulate in this project. We don’t care if you’re a National Geographic photographer or a first-timer. FREE FILM : USA is about creative activation, exploration, community and sharing.

FREE FILM : USA team: Neil Hamamoto, Scott Keenan, Sean Jackson, Free Alexander Tripp, and Caroline Doyle.


I've always been intrigued by the idea of what goes on behind closed doors in hotels. Geraldine and I met at this boutique hotel in Downtown Toronto and worked on what a model might be doing on her day off.

Photographer/ Creative Director: Matthew Lopez
Model/ Stylist: Geraldine Julia
Corset- Bone and Busk
White Blazer- Vero Moda

Location: Toronto, Canada

I want to know why



RAY CHU_BRAND INTRO.compressed.jpg









General Inquiry : contact@raychustudios.com

Sales & Buying : ray806199@hotmail.com

Wechat : raychumcqueen

Facebook @raychustudios

Instagram @raychustudios

Official: raychustudios.com


The impressions series involves experiments with camera movements, projections, choreography, and light to record not a sharp image but rather a fusion of all these elements. The result is a composition that gives the impression of this entire process in motion. The choreography of the subject and the photographer move synchronized while the lights and projections vibrate to create a Raw image that seems to be heavily altered. The image becomes a section of time that can be deciphered as well as admired.

Photographer: Trevor Mansfield

Model: Adi Simki

Keep the light on

Keep_the_light_on is an exploration of my personal appreciation of the human form. The name stems from my love of contrast and the use of shadows and light to draw out certain aspects and features unique to everyone/every body. It's a shame that the nude body is sexualized the way it is, but if you look at it... its just as much a beautiful landscape like the next valley, mountain range, or anything you find out in the world. 

The reason for focusing on bodyscapes is because to me, its a more contained conceptual idea, bridging some elements of sensuality from budoir but not as epic, philosophical or thought provoking like a lot of nude art. 

Essentially, at the end of the day I just want to lessen the stigma and taboo of nudity and also show people that no one is perfect. Every freckle, stretch mark, scar, roll, etc is a beautiful and a unique "texture" in the overall picture.

Photographer: Andre Scheidt


David Rodríguez is a Spanish photographer. “Dive” (2019) is formed by a series of photographs of minimalist character, in which the simple compositions stand out. The swimmers show sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. Water has always been a source of inspiration for David Rodríguez.

The Canary Islands based artist describes the new project as ¨inspired by the work of Horst P. Horst¨ and represents on a summer day in which we can see two bathers enjoying the sun near the sea.

I like to photograph people, I feel very comfortable doing portraits, but I always try to go a little further. That is the reason why I try to look for risky compositions, with a touch of surrealism. Works like those of Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld or Guy Bourdin inspire me immensely.

Each person inspires me a different sensation, so before I do the shooting, I imagine how I would like to portray him or her. Then, I create a concept and imagine a story. I do not like to get attached to reality. Instead, I like to transform it, challenging the model with unusual situations. I play with the model, making each session a culture encounter, but also an enriching and surprising experience for both of us.

Photographer: David Rodríguez

Male Model: Miguel García

Female Model: Virginia Díaz

Make up artist: Virginia Díaz

Wardrobe: Vintage



but not gone nor found\


but not dead nor breathing\


but not proud nor scared\


failure with hope.




Photographer: Zach Hagy
Model: Lindsey Gins

Grey Angel

Grey Angel is part of a series of videos being made for Me+Mad. “The song “Grey Angel” is inspired by the many small decisions we make in life and how they can build on each other to form the person we are. It represents those decisions we make in a grey area that can lead to good outcomes, while other decisions in this grey area can lead to darker places. Being aware the small decisions can help us adjust and move toward the path we want to go”

  - Gavin Lincon,  Lead Singer.

Director: Noah Watson

Artist: me+mad

Producer: Sam Lyon


Nice Place is a grassroots creative sanctuary dedicated to supporting local artists of all spheres. We aim to give a platform to showcase artists works through multimedia events that feature visual arts, music, film, fashion, and poetry. The idea is to bring different groups of people together and different types of artists together to encourage collaboration.

Sam Welsing - Bluebrry Apparel

SD “How did you find out about Nice Place?”

Sam “I go to school with Patrick Norton who organizes Nice Place events so he invited me out for this one!”

SD “What is Bluebrry Apparel?”

Sam “Bluebrry Apparel is a thrifted clothing brand. I specialize in statement pieces, abstract and “out there” thrifted apparel. My brand is genderless because I believe that creating a gender for clothing restricts people from wearing something they may otherwise find interesting because of the stigma. I find that to be an issue for myself when I shop, so I want to break down that wall and create a space where anyone can wear what they want and feel great in it!

SD “Is this an everyday thing for you? Or do you have a schedule to when you go thrifting?’

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

Sam “I don't really have a set schedule but I am always looking for estate sales and I go thrifting often because it takes time to find unique pieces.”

SD “What inspires you?”

Sam “I am very inspired by the 1980s night scene. That is where I get a lot of inspiration for my personal style. A lot of that is seen within the clothing I sell, Its funky, and there are a lot of bold colors.

SD “How has Detroit influenced your style with what you choose to wear?

Sam “Detroit has a sense of openness and acceptance. No one in Detroit cares what you wear or how you look. There isn't a lot of judgment in Detroit.

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “Who is your favorite artist?

Sam “Dilara Findikoglu!”

SD “How can you describe the Nice Place community?”

Sam” Nice Place is full of free thinking, open people, that care about each other and the community. The DIY scene makes you feel safe and confident to talk about any idea you have.

Grace Francis - Oil painter / Jewelry

SD “How did you find out about Nice Place?’

Grace “My friend was playing a show and they invited me to this event.

SD “Are you from Detroit?’

Grace “I live in Hamtramck but I went to Oakland University.”

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “What inspires you?”

Grace “A lot of things inspire me, but I get a lot of inspiration from where I work. Both at the Detroit Institute of Arts and my part time job teaching. I teach a lot of kids and youth classes, it is fun watching how kids interpret art and seeing their perspective. For the museum, inspiration is everywhere. Just walking through the exhibits you gain so much respect and inspiration. Beyond all that I love different mediums and seeing colors. Colors in different context really impacts me. I saw someone with orange hair and turquoise nails and after I made a painting using just orange and turquoise. Seeing color combinations outside of art really inspires me.

SD “How has Detroit influenced your art?”

Grace “Being in Detroit has broadened my view on art. Since I know a lot of artists here it has made me feel smaller as an artist as I did previously. In turn creates more of a challenge in a  good way, I feel like I have to challenge my ideas and create better concepts.

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “Who is your favorite artist?’

Grace “Cecily Brown who is an oil painter, as well as David Altmej sculpture work.

SD “How did you get into art?”

Grace “When I was really young my parents got me an easel, so I have always been interested in art. I did not take it super serious until I was in college. Art has really been the only thing I have ever wanted to get good at and put my time into.

Naomi Ning - Illustrator

SD “What inspires you?”

Naomi “Being raised in Singapore, coming to America, and to be engulfed in a different culture. I do a lot of female nudity because I grew up in a really conservative Chinese culture. When I came to the states I experienced openness and from that I started to explore the idea to be ok with your sexuality.  

SD “How has Detroit impacted your art?

Naomi “Detroit is a huge artist hub and when I first moved to America I lived in a small town in Colorado. There wasn't a lot of art of creativity there so I didn't really grow as an artist. When I moved to Detroit I noticed the diversity or art and people. There are actually people of color in Detroit!? It’s comforting not feeling like a complete outsider.”

SD “Who is your favorite artist”

Naomi “Oliver Jeffers. He is a children's book author. I enjoy his use of mixed media and he childrens work. That was the reason why I got into art, I wanted to make books for children, but now I just draw photos of naked ladies. I would like to become a children's author. I would want it to be a little “darker” more of what the world actually is.”

Mrs. Fox by "internetboy"

Photo by:  Annie Noelker

Photo by: Annie Noelker

Mrs. Fox was one of the fastest songs i’ve put together; I think it took about an hour to get the whole demo done with the vocals and instrumental.  My creative process kinda started out messing around with the chord progression that plays throughout the whole song.  I threw some simple clanky drums over it and started toying around on my friends microKorg that turned into that heavily panned melody you hear throughout the tune.  I already knew I wanted to make the song about about this dope girl I haven’t seen all semester, so I put a few things in my notes app and started riffing on my mic like I usually do.  The lyrics probably took the longest to finally finish and once I got them down it was sounding cool but I still didn’t really ~love~ it. So I thew this secret plugin that a few underground producers know about to pitch the song up 432 cents and it was perfect!  

Once the song was finished I shot a little video with Grandace (we tried to give it the feel of a 24/7 lo-fi hiphop radio lol). A day or two later I also had the honor of getting the cover shot by the light bender known as Annie Nolker.  After the song dropped my phone started buzzing like crazy while I was in class because Anthony Fantano tweeted about the song and it’s been growing pretty steadily since then!

Artist: Internetboy




“Also Codachrome”

The project really comes from my fight against imposter syndrome and existential doubt as I prepare to graduate college and step into the real world, but wrapped in a light bounce and dense groove. I wrote, produced, and engineered the project and for me, “Codachrome” symbolizes part of the beauty behind working with the tools you’re given.

My name is GrandAce and I’m a Rapper/Producer from Cincinnati, Ohio

My name is GrandAce and I’m a Rapper/Producer from Cincinnati, Ohio




The absence space in our minds fill our worry heart.

The feeling when you move into a new dwelling place,

floors hollow and walls are are blank waiting for the canvas to be painted.

Our desolate hearts crying to be repaired, minds pulverized, waiting to catch a break.

Not knowing what to do, we make any excuse to fill our time.

A moment to feel alive, together, just for a moment.

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Sarah Jolz


Aries ( 21 March–19 April ) – You are likely to find it easier than usual to express yourself in concrete ways and to find an appreciative audience as well. Some will have an increased workload or a new line of work altogether. This may see you operating in a more solitary capacity than usual or with family members. Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn nice profits, although care should be exercised with any dealings that tie you to other people and others’ money. Exploring your sexuality features as well. Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 7, 10, 16, 19, 25 Favorable Colors : Red & White


Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May ) - Your creativity and social life are stimulated, and plenty of opportunities to express yourself uniquely and creatively will present themselves. Those with artistic or athletic talent can be especially prolific and prosperous at this time. Healthy risks are likely to pay off, but be careful of overconfidence in speculative investments. Pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period, if applicable. You might find that partners or close associates from the past will come back into your life. This is a fabulous period in which to take a vacation you’ve always wanted to take.  Favorable Dates : Sep 4, 6, 13, 15, 22, 24 Favorable Colors : Red & Green


Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June ) - You are apt to review how effective you have been on a financial level to date, and find some dissatisfaction with your progress. Financial success may not be remarkable, yet it is generally steady, if slow to come by. Some of you may experience a change of family constitution, with people coming or going unexpectedly or with dramatic suddenness. So too could the emotional life of some may go through dramatic change.  Some of you could be in or out of a new or old family group with blinding speed. Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 6, 10, 15, 19, 24 Favorable Colors : White & Yellow


Cancer  ( 21 June – 22 July ) - You continue to discover exactly what you are capable of doing, without the rose-colored glasses. You see your limitations now, but also your capabilities, in a realistic manner. You also recognize your responsibilities. You may be in the right place at the right time if you trust to fortune. Some will want to study or travel or both and thus open new horizons. Some will find themselves in contact with an old flame, others may find themselves uncertain about what they want and need to withdraw into an inner or more private cycle of activity. Favorable Dates : Sep 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 Favorable Colors : White & Red


Leo  ( 23 July – 22 August ) - This period will bring an increase in responsibility or workload for some while for others there will be a change in the pattern of daily tasks, perhaps brought about by an end, a separation or a new cycle in the family. Many of you will find you have to work harder or be more focused in the next four weeks. Some of you may begin a new line of business or work while for others it will be an end. You are far less inhibited when it comes to expressing yourself creatively, and you are a lot more fun to be around. Favorable Dates : Sep 3, 5, 12, 14, 21, 23 Favorable Colors : Blue & Red


Virgo ( 23 August – 22 September ) – The important issue with career development is to keep a clear sense of method and sequence in what you do.  Skill, the art of negotiation and attention to detail will be the focus.  In dealings with authorities, make sure you have a sense of respect for their position in the scheme of things, as well as your own. New people and opportunities will open the doors that you've been knocking at for some time. For those in a relationship, there may be a change in your social spectrum as you begin to enjoy the company of new and different people. Favorable Dates : Sep 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22 Favorable Colors : Green & Red


Libra  ( 23 September – 22 October )  - This month ’s energy is about gaining inspiration and motivation to pursue your dreams. While there is a big focus on learning and reaching beyond your normal routines, friendships and connections take on a strong role this month. There can be excitement, change, and possibly some romance involved with friends, networks, or group associations. Long-distance friendships can be satisfying. Lifeless or outworn relationships may be especially hard to bear for you. Use this time to conduct a review of relationships in your life generally.  Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Favorable Colors : Green & White


Scorpio ( 23 October – 21 November ) - You show more determination and confidence than ever. New skills, new ideas and a new attitude or perspective will be the keys to success. Romance and leisure activity will be points of impact. If you're in a relationship, do something that adds texture or interest to your lives. Recreational activities, creative endeavors or gatherings with friends can enhance your quality of life. You may need to look at shared goals or interests with your nearest and dearest. For some, there could be a feeling of wellbeing as you work towards a common purpose. Favorable Dates : Sep 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27 Favorable Colors : Red & Yellow


Sagittarius ( 22 November - 21 December ) - You may find great joy and reward in your creative projects and hobbies, and could discover a new hobby or creative talent you never knew you had. For some there will be reward as efforts are recognized by an increase in status. For others, there will be simple luck or unexpected opportunity. This era could also herald change for the better in relationships. For those committed, a deep sense of feeling or commitment may come. For the singles, there may be an opportunity for love and romance. Relationships with your children may be especially fulfilling now. Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27 Favorable Colors : Green & Yellow








Capricorn ( 22 December – 19 January ) - This stage of your life may be marked by hard work. So, while you are exploring your creative side on the one hand, you are also taking care of your practical affairs. In fact, gains may be slow, but sudden reversals are not common during this month.  You may be developing something new or simply exploring other aspects of your inner self. You may discover new things about who you are through realization or revelation. This can be an exciting and possibly romantic time with friends and through networking, friends, and group associationsFavorable Dates : Sep 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 Favorable Colors : White& Yellow



Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) - You can be gripped by the desire to change, evolve, and improve this month. If you’ve been toying with the idea of making a lifestyle change, things can come together now after some starts and stops or delays. You may also find yourselves in joint endeavors in order to make great gains. Opportunities to express yourself through romance, pleasure, and the arts abound. You will see some sort of tangible reward–an opportunity that likely revolves around creative self-expression, the arts, children, or romance.  This is a time for taking off and achieving your goals. Favorable Dates : Sep 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Favorable Colors : Purple & Yellow


Pisces ( 19 February – 20 March ) - This can be a time for discovering a new passion or interest, or rekindling an exciting project or study. For some, romantic opportunities can emerge while traveling, pursuing your studies, through the internet, or through activities that take you outside of your usual routine. You have more courage to try new things and you’re super motivated to learn, share, and connect. You might reach out to others in an attempt to validate yourself, looking for ways to boost your confidence. This can be a wonderful period for blending your agenda with a significant other.  Favorable Dates: Sep 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Favorable Colors: Blue & Yellow



"Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned KP Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Vastu Consultant. He has been rendering professional advice to clients with a reasonable degree of success. He has been conferred with the title of 'Jyotish Varahamihir' and 'Jyotish Aryabhatt.' He has been writing monthly astrological columns for 40 international magazines. 





I don’t want perfect and pretty,

I want rough and raw, 

something real.


we are delicate. 

but we are wrapped up and chained to an idea that does not really exist. 


we endlessly search for ways to break through the chains before the chains break us.

but the wheel of life does not stop turning.


sometimes the chains get so tight you find yourself gasping for air.

so breathe in and be still.

separate yourself from all you have known to be real, 

from what you have been told. 


you may be broken down, 

but the rebirth is worth it all. 

and once you realize that you control the strength of the chains, 

you may be freed from it all.

Photographer: Zach Hagy

Model: Lindsey Gins

War Twins Tour

“We are War Twins. For the last five years we lived as punk rock pirates in a van and toured the US. This is the American Kids tour, a two month journey across the US to promote our new album produced by Sylvia Massy, the queen of unhinged audio. Welcome to art rock grunge pop. “


Life on the road is exhilarating , inspiring, raw, and exhausting. Much like the rock n’ roll lifestyle itself, the road is a doorway to mesmerizing and unparalleled imagery. Each day is a new city and a new opportunity to capture powerful messages through visual moments. Whether it’s the natural beauty of the southwest desert or a single moment of hotel recklessness, each photo is a memory that is not to be forgotten. In this segment, we’ll be updating you about our experiences, findings, and perceptions that are generated throughout this subversion-fueled journey across America. -Z

Santa Fe NM, Houston TX, and Desert Center, Cal

Photographer: Zakk Conner

Artist: War Twins