Stories to Tell

Every photograph or illustration has a story to tell that is etched within its composition, whether it’s a film or a canvas. Visual storytelling has been the primary medium of seamless deliverance ever since the advent of film. A film can be defined as the basic yet integral part of any production practice that revolves around professional filmmaking.

We at Something Different always take pride in featuring your creations that can be formulated into interesting online stories to read. These stories are curated to provide you with an insight as to how these artworks function to describe their attributes and other prospects that are bound to enlighten you.

Wherever there is art, there is no wrong way out as the possibilities render themselves to be endless. And since we host the platform to bring you the latest stories by every passing day, this is bound to instill some inspiration for your next artistic endeavor, or perhaps this could be the motivation you lacked to push out your next masterpiece.

Something Different encompasses all forms of art, including film photography, illustrations, poetry, music, and other narratives. Our stories are designed with respect to each portfolio that has a specific trait associated with them. This not only prevents the saturation of a single context but also branches out to promote extensive thinking among aspiring artists.

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detroit art

Bodyscaping is flourishing today as a highly appreciated form of art as it is derived from the application of landscaping techniques on human flesh. This opens up a new world of exploration for you as you can either choose to go all retro with a conventional polaroid finish or decide to opt for a high-res monochrome setting that paves the way for higher detailing whereas the polaroid finish would complement the overall aesthetics.

Fortunately, Illustrations can turn out to be the most liberal and independent form of online stories to read as illustrations are mostly driven via collective inspirations that have no bounds. Even the sky cannot hold you back when you’re an illustrator, as your only limit is your imagination that never stalls.

Stories can hold a much more powerful impact via any tangible medium, and we know just how to accomplish that with our collection of magazines comprising of premium packaged content from the inside out and our digital copies that cost far less but are equivalent to the same standard of quality that the hard copies uphold.

Something Different was founded to empower young learners and amateur artists to showcase their pleasing abstract creations while establishing itself as the center of inspiration for all those who live, dream, and breathe art!