Something Different is inspired by a league of creators who’re dedicated to excellence when it comes to abstraction and narrative art design. Art is not a mere form of expression, but a vast world resides within itself as it is a notoriously renowned entity that incorporates entire belief systems, remnants of history, and the essence of everything that makes us human.

We recognized the outgrowing potential of art in the 21st century and decided to channel the efforts of aspiring artists to pave the way for an innovative future that grants the access and mobility to every person so that they can freely express their unfiltered individuality by harnessing the power of art.

Art and Culture Magazines have been part of a growing trend that has witnessed exponential development over the course of time and still exists in accordance with the latest forms of art. We at Something Different decided to enter this diverse ball game with our entrant as an online communication arts magazine that hosts a plethora of innovative art forms that include but are not limited to film photographs, illustrations and other graphics, poetry, music, and other literary narratives that open up a world of possibilities for you to explore.

The function of a digital art magazine might still be ambiguous for you, but it has the undoubted potential of catering to a large number of audiences that might either be art aficionados or amateurs at work who are trying to make their place with their craft in the industry.

Since art has been established as a universal language of an individual or collective expression, then you might also be in dire need of a medium that nurtures this flare with adequate provisions such as feedbacks and worth appreciation. These factors might not sound like much, but they can serve as the building blocks or pivotal points for your artworks to stand out.

A lot goes on under one roof at Something Different as we have not only established ourselves as one of the best art magazine subscription services out there, but our artistic acumen enables us to deliver an insight into the newest developments via our standing among the top art magazines that you can come across today.

We understand the importance of possessing tangible means; therefore, our execution is entirely omnichannel that you can either download a digital copy or purchase a hard copy of your SD magazine to build up your collection of conceptual art narratives.

Conventional arts and crafts magazines had less to offer, so we decided to turn it up a notch with our exclusive content curation that encourages unfiltered visual liberty to feature raw but refined content. This means that whether its film photography or illustrations, you would receive quality visuals and appealing content that can vibe well with your artistic persona.

Since we’ve already treaded this far to provide you with such iconic art magazines online, then we decided to extend our arsenal to other dimensions by furnishing our very own apparel store that utilizes our same visual diversity to push out the best apparel that you can find. All of our efforts are directed towards providing you with apparel that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Art is timeless, but the methods used have been variable throughout centuries, from prehistoric etchings to the latest graphic designing capabilities at our fingertips. This is where our innovation kicked in as we opted to go all retro by not only featuring Polaroid art but also renting out equipment that empowers you to create retro art that resonates with you the most.

As the organizers of an art gallery magazine, we also take pride in offering merchandise that includes but is not limited to beanies, hoodies, jackets, and full-sleeved shirts. But in order to the intrinsic value of the entire package, we also house an exclusive range of stickers that can give you the aesthetic edge that you’ve always wanted. 

Our quirky exclusives not only make things more appealing but add to the overall feel of the apparel that fits in just well with the latest trends as you never feel left out because we take it our responsibility as an art news magazine to keep you up to date with the latest developments as far as art is concerned.

Something Different stands out as a remarkable platform for energetic creators in their incubation phases as well as pros with all the high-end tricks up their sleeves. This not only paves the way for progress as an art magazine hosting services but also encourages limitless possibilities!