I Found a Passion



I really don't want to wake up and face the world.

Stuck in the same cycle of reality.

Everyone deals with it, but why is it so hard for me?


I used to ask myself this every single day of my life.

At 19, I was in jail, taking things out on those closest me to, drinking myself into a hospital bed. The list can go on if need be.

My mother passed at 19.

Does that give me an excuse to do anything with the bullshit above? NO.

I hurt so many people around me and lost so much trust.

But I tell you.

I found a passion.

A strong passion.

A passion for photography and visual arts as a whole.

Through this, I've met and connected with people who have not judged me for my past or even my future.

They see a guy smiling, living carefree with an ambition to make the most of what an opportunity presents itself.

I have learned to take what I've been through and teach.

I WANT to wake up and FACE reality.

I WANT to wake up and challenge it.

I have support in my corner and grew to be a contributing man to society.

"Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself".

This is what my mother said almost a week before she passed.

I live now knowing what she meant.

This will always be my passion,

To shoot pictures of everyday people doing everyday things.

They may not be here tomorrow.

If I can pass anything through my pictures without being cliche,

Spread love.

We all need it.




Zach hagy

I am an independent multifaceted Detroit artist. Although photography is my primary craft, I also have a love and interest in directing, visual design, and fabrication. My side project/brand called "Something Different Magazine" where we have an online publication and 3 printed magazines. I enjoy the outdoors and smiling with my friends on the days where we are kissed by the sun!