Grey Angel

Grey Angel is part of a series of videos being made for Me+Mad. “The song “Grey Angel” is inspired by the many small decisions we make in life and how they can build on each other to form the person we are. It represents those decisions we make in a grey area that can lead to good outcomes, while other decisions in this grey area can lead to darker places. Being aware the small decisions can help us adjust and move toward the path we want to go”

  - Gavin Lincon,  Lead Singer.

Director: Noah Watson

Artist: me+mad

Producer: Sam Lyon


Nice Place is a grassroots creative sanctuary dedicated to supporting local artists of all spheres. We aim to give a platform to showcase artists works through multimedia events that feature visual arts, music, film, fashion, and poetry. The idea is to bring different groups of people together and different types of artists together to encourage collaboration.

Sam Welsing - Bluebrry Apparel

SD “How did you find out about Nice Place?”

Sam “I go to school with Patrick Norton who organizes Nice Place events so he invited me out for this one!”

SD “What is Bluebrry Apparel?”

Sam “Bluebrry Apparel is a thrifted clothing brand. I specialize in statement pieces, abstract and “out there” thrifted apparel. My brand is genderless because I believe that creating a gender for clothing restricts people from wearing something they may otherwise find interesting because of the stigma. I find that to be an issue for myself when I shop, so I want to break down that wall and create a space where anyone can wear what they want and feel great in it!

SD “Is this an everyday thing for you? Or do you have a schedule to when you go thrifting?’

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

Sam “I don't really have a set schedule but I am always looking for estate sales and I go thrifting often because it takes time to find unique pieces.”

SD “What inspires you?”

Sam “I am very inspired by the 1980s night scene. That is where I get a lot of inspiration for my personal style. A lot of that is seen within the clothing I sell, Its funky, and there are a lot of bold colors.

SD “How has Detroit influenced your style with what you choose to wear?

Sam “Detroit has a sense of openness and acceptance. No one in Detroit cares what you wear or how you look. There isn't a lot of judgment in Detroit.

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “Who is your favorite artist?

Sam “Dilara Findikoglu!”

SD “How can you describe the Nice Place community?”

Sam” Nice Place is full of free thinking, open people, that care about each other and the community. The DIY scene makes you feel safe and confident to talk about any idea you have.

Grace Francis - Oil painter / Jewelry

SD “How did you find out about Nice Place?’

Grace “My friend was playing a show and they invited me to this event.

SD “Are you from Detroit?’

Grace “I live in Hamtramck but I went to Oakland University.”

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “What inspires you?”

Grace “A lot of things inspire me, but I get a lot of inspiration from where I work. Both at the Detroit Institute of Arts and my part time job teaching. I teach a lot of kids and youth classes, it is fun watching how kids interpret art and seeing their perspective. For the museum, inspiration is everywhere. Just walking through the exhibits you gain so much respect and inspiration. Beyond all that I love different mediums and seeing colors. Colors in different context really impacts me. I saw someone with orange hair and turquoise nails and after I made a painting using just orange and turquoise. Seeing color combinations outside of art really inspires me.

SD “How has Detroit influenced your art?”

Grace “Being in Detroit has broadened my view on art. Since I know a lot of artists here it has made me feel smaller as an artist as I did previously. In turn creates more of a challenge in a  good way, I feel like I have to challenge my ideas and create better concepts.

Photo by:  hyperlimenous

Photo by: hyperlimenous

SD “Who is your favorite artist?’

Grace “Cecily Brown who is an oil painter, as well as David Altmej sculpture work.

SD “How did you get into art?”

Grace “When I was really young my parents got me an easel, so I have always been interested in art. I did not take it super serious until I was in college. Art has really been the only thing I have ever wanted to get good at and put my time into.

Naomi Ning - Illustrator

SD “What inspires you?”

Naomi “Being raised in Singapore, coming to America, and to be engulfed in a different culture. I do a lot of female nudity because I grew up in a really conservative Chinese culture. When I came to the states I experienced openness and from that I started to explore the idea to be ok with your sexuality.  

SD “How has Detroit impacted your art?

Naomi “Detroit is a huge artist hub and when I first moved to America I lived in a small town in Colorado. There wasn't a lot of art of creativity there so I didn't really grow as an artist. When I moved to Detroit I noticed the diversity or art and people. There are actually people of color in Detroit!? It’s comforting not feeling like a complete outsider.”

SD “Who is your favorite artist”

Naomi “Oliver Jeffers. He is a children's book author. I enjoy his use of mixed media and he childrens work. That was the reason why I got into art, I wanted to make books for children, but now I just draw photos of naked ladies. I would like to become a children's author. I would want it to be a little “darker” more of what the world actually is.”

Mrs. Fox by "internetboy"

Photo by:  Annie Noelker

Photo by: Annie Noelker

Mrs. Fox was one of the fastest songs i’ve put together; I think it took about an hour to get the whole demo done with the vocals and instrumental.  My creative process kinda started out messing around with the chord progression that plays throughout the whole song.  I threw some simple clanky drums over it and started toying around on my friends microKorg that turned into that heavily panned melody you hear throughout the tune.  I already knew I wanted to make the song about about this dope girl I haven’t seen all semester, so I put a few things in my notes app and started riffing on my mic like I usually do.  The lyrics probably took the longest to finally finish and once I got them down it was sounding cool but I still didn’t really ~love~ it. So I thew this secret plugin that a few underground producers know about to pitch the song up 432 cents and it was perfect!  

Once the song was finished I shot a little video with Grandace (we tried to give it the feel of a 24/7 lo-fi hiphop radio lol). A day or two later I also had the honor of getting the cover shot by the light bender known as Annie Nolker.  After the song dropped my phone started buzzing like crazy while I was in class because Anthony Fantano tweeted about the song and it’s been growing pretty steadily since then!

Artist: Internetboy




“Also Codachrome”

The project really comes from my fight against imposter syndrome and existential doubt as I prepare to graduate college and step into the real world, but wrapped in a light bounce and dense groove. I wrote, produced, and engineered the project and for me, “Codachrome” symbolizes part of the beauty behind working with the tools you’re given.

My name is GrandAce and I’m a Rapper/Producer from Cincinnati, Ohio

My name is GrandAce and I’m a Rapper/Producer from Cincinnati, Ohio